• 3 module (270 watts) SolarDrive S2E ready for 4 and 6 seaters golf carts

    The SolarDrive solar panel roof for golf cars (S2E) is modular and can be delivered from 2-module (180 watts) to 4 modules (360 watts) see also modularity. The 3-module SolarDrive S2E roof (270 watts) is increasingly popular on 4-seat golf cars, since passengers are protected from the sun and rain.

  • SolarDrive at Top at Robert Trend Jones II designed golf course

    At the opening of Lübker Golf in Denmark Mr. Robert Trent Jones II was driving a Club Car Precedent with "SolarDrive on Top".      

  • Ben & Jerry's ice cream carts

    Ben & Jerry's ice cream carts Ben & Jerry's Denmark, has entered into a cooporation with SolarDrive, providing CO2 neutral Solar Power for Icecream carts, touring the Danish festivals during the summer of 2008. The SolarDrive on Top panels generate 810 Watt, and thereby enabling B&J to serve CO2 friendly icecream.

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