SolarDrive on Carryall Turf in Minnesota

Randy Crowley of Superior Golf Cars Inc., Eagle, Minnesota, did this excellent installation on a 2011 Club Car, Inc. Turf 2.  During the best solar insolation months for Minnesota, this car will travel an additional 6 miles or more with the use of solar trickle charging as the car is outside for the daylight hours.  From March through September each year, based on solar insolation data, the car should average an additional 5 miles of driving.  Battery cycle life will also benefit from the solar trickle charging as the car is being used.  For more information on this car, please call Superior Golf Cars at (651) 366-6850, or contact SolarDrive.

Hochmuth Carryall 1

Hochmuth Carryall 7

Hochmuth Carryall 9

Hochmuth Carryall 4

Pictures provided by Andy Hochmuth of Superior Golf Cars Inc.

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