The New S2F   *  250 Wp - 500 Wp  *

With the introduction of the new S2F series our product palet has doubled. Basically the S2F and the S2E systems appear similar. Developed and designed in Denmark they share the high quality aluminum frame in cool Scandinavian design. The differences confine to the solar panels and the MPPT. The renown S2E has solar panels with conventional front-grid solar cells laminated with tempered glass as front sheet and the MPPT indicates power production with green led lights.  The new S2F has solar panels made with highly efficient back-contact solar cells in a polymer lamination making the S2F 25% lighter and at the same time 25% more powerful compared to the S2E. Featuring an LCD screen, the MPPT on the S2F has a more informative display.


For less sunny locations or for cars with weaker strut supports we can highly recommend the S2F. Just going for the best is also a fair argument for choosing the S2F.


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